New version is part of Nuke 12.2 release that includes new SyncReview tool, floating offline license usage, and various updates for pipelines, teams and individuals.

Nuke Indie is a functionally limited version of Nuke Studio specifically designed for solo artists. It’s launched with the latest release of the Nuke family – Nuke 12.2. This release builds on the themes of the prior Nuke 12 releases, with an emphasis on streamlining data flow into comp and extending review workflows in Nuke Studio and Hiero. Nuke 12.2 includes updates for pipelines, teams, and individuals while facilitating flexibility and collaboration for teams working remotely.

The VFX community is commenting the Indie version as positive step forward, considering extremely high price of the regular version. There has been however a lot of criticism regarding the limitations. Especially the lack of 3rd party plugins, and projects files saved in Nuke Indie being incompatible with standard Nuke version.

The full list of features and restrictions of Nuke Indie can be found here.

Nuke Indie is available for purchase as an annual subscription for 499 Euro, only through the Foundry website.

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