Making VFX on a budget? No problem! Here’s a list of free VFX and animation software, which can deliver professional results. Check it out!

• Part2:

Intro: (0:00)
Software types: (0:59)
Modeling, shading & 3D animation: (2:21)
FX simulations: (4:15)
Compositing & rotoscopy: (5:07)
Matte painting & 2D animation: (7:31)
Editing: (9:34)

# Videos that might be interesting to you:

• VFX software used by professional studios:
• Blender in professional VFX production:

Music in this video: Filmstro, Quincas Moreira

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While not running VFX Geek, I'm a visual effects compositing artist with several years of experience. Interested in newest technology innovations, but also having a lot of love for retro VFX and practical effects.

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