No VFX would be created without a computer software. Do you want to know which software is used by professional VFX artists? You’ll find the answers in this video.

Intro: (0:00)
Software types: (0:35)
Modeling: (1:13)
Animation: (3:21)
Texturing & Shading: (4:40)
FX: (5:11)
Rendering: (5:50)
Matchmoving: (7:35)
Rotoscopy: (8:11)
Compositing: (8:40)

Big thanks, to the following people, for supporting this video:

Gorilla rig: Jakub Krompolc –
Gorilla animation: Maciek ”Nemrod” Wojtkiewicz –

Matchmove examples provided by: Vahagn Amirkhanyan –

Natron – open source compositing software:

Lukas Remis

While not running VFX Geek, I'm a visual effects compositing artist with several years of experience. Interested in newest technology innovations, but also having a lot of love for retro VFX and practical effects.

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