Industrial Light & Magic has released a short documentary about the creation of Razor Crest spaceship from Mandalorian. In a unusual approach – for today’s standards – the team behind visual effects went for the old school techniques, used in original Star Wars, and built the model as a practical miniature. They also filmed it with a motion control system, which they had to build from scratch.

With the advent of digital technology, models have been used less and less frequently over the years — though respect for the artistry and craft always remained at ILM and Lucasfilm.

Have a look at a sentimental journey of the artists whose careers spans from the analogue to the digital era, and now bringing back the old ways of filmmaking, but with a modern twist.

Lukas Remis

While not running VFX Geek, I'm a visual effects compositing artist with several years of experience. Interested in newest technology innovations, but also having a lot of love for retro VFX and practical effects.

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