Unreal Build: Virtual Production is a free, half-day virtual event showcasing incredible projects and innovations from film and television industry trailblazers. 

You’ll hear from leading visionaries in film and television, including:

  • Aaron Sims, creator of some of this generation’s most unforgettable cinema creatures, whose work has been featured in Stranger Things and The Planet of the Apes trilogy
  • Max Rocchetti, a VFX veteran who shot an upcoming Warner Bros. film entirely on Italy’s first LED soundstage
  • Andrew Jones, Emmy award winner and Art Director of Disney’s The Mandalorian
  • Colin Brady, Chief Creative Officer and Chief Technology Officer of AMGI, an animation studio creating episodic animation in real time
  • Robert Zemeckis and his longtime VFX supervisor Kevin Baillie

The event will also include a sneak preview of features in the upcoming 4.26 release, and a special presentation from Weta Digital that you won’t want to miss.

Lukas Remis

While not running VFX Geek, I'm a visual effects compositing artist with several years of experience. Interested in newest technology innovations, but also having a lot of love for retro VFX and practical effects.

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